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For Teens &

Increasing positive strategies for academic success;
Overcoming depression and anxiety; Relating with peers and forming satisfying friendships; Developing self-esteem and confidence; Overcoming behavioral challenges

Family Therapy

Improve positive communication and mutual respect between family members; Build secure connections and promote cooperation; Reduce frustration and harness your child's potential while parents to grow in their confidence and feel supported in their journey; Navigating family transitions, blended families, and co-parenting

Individual Therapy

Identify and resolve a wide range of relational, social, and psychological problems; Gain insight and clarity while gaining a deeper understanding of self and increase self-growth; Inspire change and improve quality of life; Increase positive feelings, compassion and self-esteem; Learn new skills for handling difficult situations, making healthy decisions and reaching goals

Couple Therapy

For all couples (non married, pre-marital, marital, same sex, multi-racial/cultural); Restore healthy relationships and strong connections; Communicate better, overcome challenges together, develop successful conflict management, enhance intimacy and satisfaction


Access the amazing power of creative unconscious/subconscious mind in order to reprogram and replace bad habits, limited beliefs and eventually awaken human potential